Significance of the name

Growing up in Riverina NSW my parents had a series of farms and one of them was named “Oakdale”.

Since then I have worked in many different industries, but I will never forget where I came from.

Oakdale is a constant reminder of pride, Hard work and community.

Meet Joel Gilbert

I am the owner and chief UAV pilot of Oakdale UAV Solutions. I have worked in Agriculture, Surveying, Mining, Construction also local government and I believe drones are an excellent asset to all of them. I am a firm believer in the saying “work smarter not harder”, life is short my friend so why not take advantage of technology.

We have the technology

Oakdale UAV Solutions started in mid 2019 and besides the obvious reference to six million dollar man, at Oakdale we are taking advantage of the amazing technology that drones have to offer.

We are based in the Central West of NSW and provide a range of unique drone solutions.