2D/3D Land Mapping

We can map almost any piece of land. We fly over it with a DJI Quadcopter drone and capture high resolution stills, then we process the images and create 2 or 3-dimensional maps.

Pix 4d

Plant Mapping

Plant mapping isn’t limited to agriculture or horticulture. It can be used for hard to access, overgrown land to determine vegetation density in local government and forestry projects.

Aerial Photo & Video

We have a Recreational Operators Certificate (ReOC), this special certification automatically gives us access to a lot more areas such as “no fly zones” for unlicensed pilots.

Structure Inspections

We fly over, under and around structures or property looking for potential faults. We can get a birds-eye view with our feet firmly planted on the ground.


Making life safer with drones

Drone Technology

With the popularity of drones today I don’t need to tell you their ability to capture stunning imagery. With our Drones, we can access areas that are hazardous or dangerous and capture high-resolution imagery without ever leaving the ground!
We capture Images using drones to create 2 and 3-dimensional maps or models of basically any piece of land, giving a digital birds-eye view of the property being mapped.