Aerial Photo & Video


Over the last 10 years the popularity of drones has exploded. They provide a unique aerial perspective and in the right hands a drone can capture stunning cinematic footage and amazing photos.

Access all areas

At Oakdale UAV Solutions we have a Recreational Operators Certificate (ReOC), this special certification automatically gives us access to a lot more areas such as “no fly zones” for unlicensed pilots. So if you need a licensed commercial drone pilot to capture photos and footage outside the reach of an unlicenced Hobbyist, at Oakdale, we are here to help!!


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The finished product

At Oakdale UAV Solutions we understand that Photography and Cinematography is an art form and that art is subjective, so we try our best to follow the client's vision.

We mainly use Adobe CC Software which is one of the most widely used programs in the industry, this allows us to export in most common file formats.

If you require prints that's no problem, all we need to know is what size and how many!!.