A birds-eye view

Drones have the ability to give a birds-eye view of areas traditionaly considered dangerous or unsafe. They are quick to deploy and can eliminate the need for large and expensive machinery.

The Capabilities

Our drones are highly capable machines with HD live feed, obstacle avoidance sensors, high resolution cameras, stable flight and pinpoint hovering thanks to GPS. All these elements make our drones perfect for any inspection workflow.

A Bird's eye view

At Oakdale UAV Solutions we fly over, under and around structures or property looking for potential faults. We can get a birds-eye view with our feet firmly planted on the ground. So why wouldn’t you use drones to perform inspections?


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The End Results

Video footage : We normally record in 4K UHD format. 8 Megapixel stills can be extracted from 4K and it can also be downscaled to full HD for smaller file sizes.

Still Photos : Depending on the drone used, the photos are between 12 to 20 megapixels and can be captured in JPG or Raw DNG.