2D/3D Mapping

We make maps

At Oakdale UAV Solutions we can map almost any piece of land. We fly over it with a DJI Quadcopter drone and capture high resolution stills. Then comes the fun part!! We process the images with Pix 4D Mapper and create 2 or 3-dimensional maps.

Drones are perfect for mapping. They are amazing pieces of machinery that can cover a considerable area in a short time and capture high resolution imagery. Drone mapping is a lot more economical compared to traditional methods, making it available to almost anyone.

How long will it take

How long depends on the size of the project and the detail required. Once the flight planning is done, the process is automated and very quick. For instance with one set of batteries, over 20 minutes, 120 metres Above Ground Level (AGL) at 10m/s the Matrice M210 V2 can cover up to 33 hectares (82 acres).

Its all about the outputs

After the imagery is captured and processed the data can be exported in many file types for end user software such as civil design and GIS programs, also a 3D fly through video can be created and even a 2D Print.


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There are so many uses

Agriculture : Drainage modeling and true colour comparison to crop mapping.

Construction : Inspection workflow for progress monitoring.

Forestry: Tree population analysis.

Insurance : Mapping after a natural disaster or property valuation.

Industrial inspection : Mapping large rooftops and laydown yards.

Local Government : Mapping disused land for future planning and assessment.